How should the thread rolling machine operator perform self-test on the processed wire head?

Provider:   Source:Baoding Jindi Machinery Co., Ltd   Time:2019-04-11  
For the finished silk thread, the operator should be required to perform the self-test according to the following procedures:
Appearance Quality:
Visually measure the full length of the incomplete thread with a crown width greater than 0.3P (P is the pitch). The cumulative length of the incomplete thread must not exceed two thread circumferences.
Thread size:
With the thread through the ring gauge test, the general rule can be screwed into the thread and reach the screwing length. The gauge screw is not more than 3P (P is the pitch).
Rolling length:
Thread screw length + (0.5-1) P (P is the pitch), the quality inspector performs a random inspection at 1%, and records are made. Immediately pass the qualified wire head to the plastic cap of the corresponding specification, and the other end is screwed into the same size of the connecting sleeve to the length of the 1/2 sleeve for storage.

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