Thread rolling machine daily precautions

Provider:   Source:Baoding Jindi Machinery Co., Ltd   Time:2019-04-11  

Daily operation and maintenance of the wire machine should pay attention to:
The coolant tank is properly processed and cleaned for 15 days.
When adjusting the size and changing the wheel, the main power switch should be turned off first to prevent the wrong operation and injury.
When processing the wire head, if there is a rib, the wire head should be processed first, and the steel bar is bent, otherwise it may cause damage to personnel or equipment.
The water-soluble cutting fluid needs to be cooled and lubricated during the rolling process. When the temperature is lower than 0 °C, 20%-30% of sodium nitrite can be added. It is strictly forbidden to use oil instead of or without cutting fluid.
The reducer should be refueled regularly to maintain the specified oil level.

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