JBG Series Rebar Rib-stripping and Thread Rolling
Product name:JBG-50 Rebar Thread Rolling Machine
Scope of application:
Product details

Product Introduction

JBG-50 rebar thread rolling machine can be applied to process thread on rebar end in construction. It can process HRB335, HRB400, and HRB500 hot rolled ribbed bar with diameter 12-50mm.

Main Features

1.Simple operation, automatically lower voltage control, security and reliable.

2.Adopt patent technology for rib-stripping mechanism, adjust freely using positioning disc in the range of Φ12-Φ50mm.

3.Add the screw pitch angle mechanism brings laborsaving, maximum thread length could reach 120mm, specially fit for processing extension thread for bridge and tunnel construction and large diameter rebar.

4.Both right-handed and left-handed thread are processed with one handpiece, processed thread is full, less vanish thread, no false thread, small taper thread.

5.Adopt exclusive decelerator which is coaxial with machine and ensures the parallelism.

6.Clamp mechanism is made of special steels which has high strength, without any deformation.

Technical Parameters


Rebar Diameter:Φ12-Φ50mm

Motor Power:5.5Kw

Voltage:3-380V 50Hz

Spindle Speed:49-60r/min

Max Thread Length:120mm

Max Output Torque:720KN

Cooling Pump Power:40W



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